Shayona Restaurant - Johannesburg 

We are located in Mayfair West at the Corner of Church and Central Avenue

74 Church Street
Mayfair West
Ph : 011 837 2407

Tuesday           09h00 to 19h30
Wednesday     09h00 to 19h30
Thursday         09h00 to 19h30
Friday               09h00 to 21h00
Saturday          09h00 to 21h00
Sunday             09h00 to 16h30

We are closed every Mondays

Shayona is a purveyor of pure vegetarian Indian sweetmeats and savouries since 1999. All our products are manufactured by a group of dedicated volunteers who render their services unselfishly for the purpose of uplifting disadvantaged communities.
The demand for our elegantly packaged gift-boxes has increased tremendously over the years, due to the excellent quality and standards of our products. Shayona provides an answer to challenging lifestyles where time and resources are limited, and making sweetmeats traditionally at home, has become almost impossible.
Vegetarianism in the Hindu context is about more than just diet. It is a way of living that incorporates special rituals, singular devotion to God, and an unwavering belief in nonviolence. It is the last concept of nonviolence that has begun to make vegetarianism more popular, for to be a vegetarian is to understand that for one to contribute towards a more peaceful society we must first tackle the violence in our own hearts and expressed in our actions