Our Activities

The South African landscape is unique in terms of the opportunities and challenges that the population faces with respect to social, economical and political facets. Our environment is entrenched in social challenges that, as a consequence of our historical circumstances, it is evident that South Africa poses grave challenges to re-address the socio-economic divide currently present. In light of the abovementioned challenges, the Swaminarayan Hindu Mission has heeded the call for active social development by involving ourselves in numerous charitable work over the years, for both local and international purposes.
Some of our local annual projects are the
Children's Fun Day  , Winter Warmer Drive,   Blood Transfusion Camp etc. Besides these community projects that are targeted towards enriching the lives of underprivileged children, the Swaminarayan Hindu Mission also runs a few community development programmes like the Leadership Forum. International efforts include raising funds for the Orissa hurricane in India, the Mozambique floods of 2000, the 2004 South-East Asia Tsunami and the 2002 Bhuj Earthquake disaster in India.  BAPS South Africa holds weekly programmes for children as well as adults to reinforce social, spiritual and community values thus endeavoring to build the essence of character that is essential for the future of this country. Common themes such as AIDS, respect for elders, moral living and service to society are constantly discussed and emphasised. We have centres throughout South Africa, including Johannesburg, Lenasia, Pretoria, Rustenburg, Tzaneen, Durban, Cape Town and Botswana.